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Tree removal, tree planting, tree pruning, landscaping, browntail moth spraying, and all other tree maintenance projects can be costly and dangerous. You need a tree service you can trust to do the job right. Arbor Technologies has years of experience and is the leading professional in all things horticultural. We know what we are doing when it comes to performing a landscaping project, like tree removal or tree planting, on any kind of property. Arbor Technologies strives to keep a safe working environment, while getting the job done efficiently. We have done work in cities, towns, business lots, and rural areas, and our customers can testify to a job well done. If you need us for a project or tree service and would like a consultation, call us at (207) 877-4128 or contact us online.
(207) 877- 4128 or contact us online.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

“Dear Leo,
Thank you for your completely professional and thorough workmanship in completion of our new fence and landscaping. I am very pleased with the excellent appearance of the office building and have received many compliments from my clients. I am very impressed with both the quality of your work and with your exacting attention to detail, and am particularly pleased with the use of stone and wood for the fence. Please place me on your list of happy clients and be sure that I will call on you again!”
Best regards,
Betsi Jane Taylor

Excellent Work! We had a tricky tree on our half acer that needed to be removed. I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights I had in the winter praying these trees wouldn’t fall on the house. Leo was able to come right out this spring taking no time at all he had the tree down with expert precision! I recommend him to all my neighbors and friends!

Molly Woodward

I was very happy with Arbor Technology. Leo and his team did very good job cutting big trees located near electric wires on my property. Very professional, reliable and they do finish their job. Definitely would recommend this company Leo is a friendly guy who’s confident and knows what he’s doing.

Andrea Poirier

Leo took down a huge Blue Spruce for us and then energetically and efficiently made his way through the rest of our property removing dead limbs and limbs on buildings and power lines as well as trimming apples and crabapples and cedars. We are no longer scared to walk through our yard! He was not only knowledgeable, but he made a great effort to ensure customer satisfaction, and we really appreciated that. He’s a wonderful person to work with, and we highly recommend him.

Lea Ramirez

“I have used Arbor Technologies both personally and for the credit union. They maintain a safe working environment, are aware of their surroundings, and everything is cleaned up nice and neat when they leave. Very impressed with the professionalism and quality of work.”

Ryan G. Poulin – President/CEO
New Dimensions Federal Credit Union
61 Grove Street – Waterville, ME 04901
Office 207-872-2771 [email protected]

Arbor Technologies did a great job on a rather extensive amount of work- taking down some trees, trimming, stump removal. Leo is very knowledgeable and capable and can give advice if you are in doubt about what to do- take a tree down, is it sick?, keep it and just trim etc. Clean up was immaculate. Leo is personable and easy to work with. Would absolutely recommend!

Patricia Chasse

We had Leo and his team remove a mix of ten tall (about 60 feet) white/red pines that were bordering our yard. A number of them had been shedding limbs and bark, appeared to be dead, and threatening both our property and our neighbor’s. The work was done safely and efficiently, price was fair, and clean-up was thorough. Leo is comforting to talk with and professional.

Timothy Hubbard

We had a huge, old, dying maple that was both near the house and overhanging my service line to the house. It wasn’t a pleasant task but Leo came and made short work of it safely, quickly, and affordably. Would recommend him 100% for any trouble tree removal.

Joshua Sullivan

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Kennebec County:
Belgrade, Oakland, Waterville, Augusta, Sydney, Winslow, Hallowell, Manchester, Winthrop, Gardiner, and Litchfield

Androscoggin County:
Auburn, Greene, and Turner